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Frequently asked questions about Roof Coating
We know from research that most home owners do not have their roofs inspected. GIven the age of the roofs may not be aware of the issues associated with concrete roof tiles, we have put together a series of common questions below. If there is any question that isn't listed below, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.
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Fully project managed installation
For each installation we will nominate a project manager who will be responsible for health & safety, workmanship, housekeeping and communication. Throughout each stage of the installation process you will be kept fully informed of the schedule and process, once upon the completion stage, a final inspection will be carried out to ensure you are completely satisfied with the works.
10year guarantee on each installation
We are so confident regarding the durability and lasting protection of our service that we offer a 10 year guarantee with every installation. The guarantee has an optional protection plan for added peace of mind.
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Proshield Home Improvements are a registered FairTrades business registration no. 528615

Q: Why do I require roof coating works?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, roofs with concrete tiles over the age of 20years are particularly recommended for treatment wherever they show typical signs of wear and tear, moss growth or are just generally dull in appearance.

Roof Coating provides a number of benefits to you, firstly as part of the works we will repair the fundamental issues on your roof such as displaced or cracked tiles, chipped pointing, moss and algae growth and repair lead work. Roof Coating restores the look of a new roof, provides significant protection due to it's waterproofing properties, UV protection and thermal insulation benefits which reduces heat loss.

If you have further concerns regarding your roof structure, the good news is that Proshield have a grown from a background of over a decade in roof construction meaning we are able to carry out repairs from below tile level.

Q: Why not just re-tile my roof?

A: When new concrete roof tiles are installed, degradation of colour occurs as soon as the tiles are laid. New roof tiles are more granular and less protected than a tile with a specialist high quality roof coating installed.

An acrylic based roof coating also offers high protection for your roof with added UV colour protection, waterproofing and thermal insulation, you get much more value for money and satisfaction versus the tradition method of re-tiling. If you consider that roof coating is far more cost effective and less distruptive during installation it makes sense to restore rather than replace the whole roof.

If your roof has issues regarding the condition of roof felt, Proshield are able to repair torn felt using a revolutionary waterproof system from inside your loft space - no need to worry about roof leaks then..

Re-tiling your roof also has an adverse environment impact due to the massive usage of carbon gas emissions during manufacture of concrete.

Q: How will my coated roof look in 10years and beyond?

A: We would expect your newly coated roof tiles to appear more attractive than most new concrete roof tiles given a like for like time period and environment post installation, again as mentioned previously most new roof tiles are granular and begin to decay from the moment they are installed.

Specialist roof coating systems have been tested worldwide, advanced weathering tests and completed installations have been the barometer of performance and lifespan. The higher the quality of coating, the greater the appearance of the product in years to come.

Proshield are backed with 30years + manufacturing experience from supply which means you will recieve professional and experienced advice, and most importantly a system which is high quality 100% acrylic as opposed to some of the more inferior styrene acrylate systems.

Q: How much does roof coating cost?

A: Firstly much less than a new roof. Your quoted price will depend on a number of factors i.e pitch of roof, size of roof, ease of access and overall condition, based on this it is required for a detailed assessment of your roof to be carried out. Once a roof survey is carried out then we will issue you with a written quotation.

The good news is that a roof survey is completely free, quick, no hassle and there's no obligation. During the survey we will also spend a few moments advising of the benefits of roof coating.

It is worth noting that if your first in the area, Proshield will issue a further 25% off your quote. Ask a member of our team about the 1st in the area discount when calling.

Q: How long will it take to restore my roof?

A: Typically the duration of an average roof restoration is 2-3 days of minimal distruption. The timings can depend on a number of factors such as adverse weather, temperatures and moisture levels which are all taken into account prior to the application of our roof coating systems.

Overall it is considered that a roof restoration is far less distruptive than the installation of a new roof.

Q: What guarantee do I have?
A: All of our installations are issued with a ten year guarantee with the added option of an insurance backed guarantee. The guarantee is a written guarantee, for the period of cover, should the roof coating system fail, Proshield will provide a remedial visit to re-coat the roof or repair where necessary to do so.
Q: What's the differences between a Proshield coating and others?

A: Proshield's roof coating systems are certified for ISO 9001 and 14001 during manufacture and testing. We have a totally independant choice for supplies which means we have conducted much intense research to find the most durable and advanced roof coating systems in the industry. Our roof coating systems are waterproof, UV stable, self cleaning, UV stable and reduce heat loss due to their built in thermal ceramic pigments.

Flexibility is another key factor of any roof coating system, our 100% acrylic based product provides lasting flexibility, outstanding adhesion properties that make it the most advanced product on the market today.

Acrylic systems are reputed for their superior UV stability, this means that the coating's colour will last longer when impregnated into your roof tiles.

Q: Which type of roof tile can be coated?

A: Concrete are the main types. Marley, Redland and any other concrete roof tile. Clay and sandstone roof tiles can also be coated due to the superior adhesion strength of our acrylic roof coating systems.

Here are some photographic examples of roof tiles that can be coated, generally though if your roof is infested with moss and algae we have got a suitable roof coating system.

Any concrete roof tile and also those with a slate appearance fascia hang tiles, usually present on dormer type roofs can be coated clay/rosemary type roof tiles can be coated with our roof coating system Common concrete roof tiles such as Marley, Redland
Q: What are the next steps?

A: Request your free roof survey, It's completely free and there's no obligation. We will supply you with a written quotation, the choice is simply yours.

Call Proshield on freephone 0800 298 2158 to arrange.

Proshield Home Improvements is a registered partnership business in the UK.

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